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Thoughts on all news, exciting releases and endless possibilities from VMworld 2020!

Clouds, possible together?

After Cloudist Solutions team have been attending three intense days of VMworld 2020 in an all-virtual fashion, there are a many impressions that are worth diving deeper into.


Hyperscaler hype?

VMware has through the past years focused heavily on building the develepor-ready cloud products, and with the development of vSphere 7, VMware Cloud Foundation and Tanzu, they are really getting there. It will be interesting to see how this will play out in competetion with what the hyperscalers can already offer directly to customers. Private clouds does not always have to play catch-up with the hyperscalers enormous amount of features, other drivers might be more relevant for smaller and local customers. We are often seing data locality as major driver from customers considering cloud. Having your data in a secure Swedish data center, might be something that your organisation requires to be able to move your data off premise.


Automated life!

Other ways, which might get you on the on-ramp to the automated cloud world, could be to use already existing APIs to consume, manage and control your cloud environments. To help you along that path, Cloudist Solutions and its partners, have the knowledge and resources to guide you further on. Building environments with Infrastructure-as-Code, in just minutes and with consistency, could easily help you stand up a testing environment or a pre-built concept of a webshop for example, the possibilities through code are endless. Code, deploy and go!

VMware also announced their intent to acquire Saltstack (https://www.vmware.com/company/news/updates/2020/intent-to-acquire-saltstack.html), which will bring a modern automation product in their ever-growing portfolio. Automation being a key to faster success in delivering modern and flexible solutions, one of Cloudist Solutions strategic drivers is to be innovative. Innovation in the Cloudist VDC service is driven by the ”automation first” philosophy, enabling and empowering customers to move faster in both technical and business aspects.


Be everywhere!

Also being a major topic during this VMworld, is the VMware land-and-expand in all the major hyperscalers, where native VMware products and functions are made available to be consumed by both end customers and service providers. The benefits from this of course varies depending on the use case, because as always there is a cost attached to it. There are a lot of advantages that come with hyperscaler environments, since you can consume their functions instantly, from almost all regions. If your use case has need for geographically separated workloads, Cloudist Solutions VDC service is offering multi-region capabilities, where you with smart networking could set up customer environments stretched over distances, reaching people in the shortest time possible with the resiliance that comes along with it.


Save me!

A side of all of these growing environments with modern applications, AI, ML and development tooling that is easily forgotten, is the data protection part. Ransomware and other malicious attacks have been hitting more and bigger companies than before (Garmin, Equinix and Maersk to mention a few), and the consequence of losing access to or even having your data destroyed, could be fatal to a business. I took the time to hear what our data protection partner, Cohesity, had upcoming in their development pipeline, and it looked very interesting. As of November, Cloudist VDC service in all regions, will release native Cloud Director integration with a data protection feature that enables our partners to help their customers protecting their workloads in the best possible way. With loads of options, full self-service and multiple backup policies, Cloudist make sure to keep our customers safe!


Data, anyone?

The VMware service provider product portfolio is getting more and more love and attention by product management, and they are constantly trying to keep up with cloud features popping up here and there. A storage service, S3, has been getting more VMware attention lately, mainly through OSE (Object Storage Extension). OSE enables virtual datacenters to have direct access to S3 buckets with UI integration in Cloud Director.

S3 buckets has a wide range of use cases, where modern applications, storage offloading and archiving are a few. From September this year, Cloudist Solutions are offering S3 services from our SE-CENTRAL-1 region, reaching the Nordic capitals within 30ms. And with endless capacity 🙂


Mixed conclusion?

So wrapping up these hectic days with tons of impressions, I’m still convinced that no cloud solution solves a use case on its own, the need for hybrid solutions is ever present, where you as customer can cherry-pick the best parts from the best providers!


Happy clouding!

Robert Brink, Cloud Archictect


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