Forget green - think positive

“Sustainable”, “eco-friendly”, “green” – a lot of terms have been used over the years to describe something that should somehow get Mother Nature to feel a bit of appreciation towards us. But companies who are still talking about “going green” are falling behind those who are actually arriving, and can easily show it. Now, there’s a new guiding star in the sky, and its name is “Climate Positive”.

Cloudist works closely with VMware among others

What does that even mean?

Good question. It’s a term companies use to show they are committed to going even further than simply being carbon neutral (= achieving net zero carbon emissions.) Basically, they pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to an amount lower than what their value chain produces, creating an environmental benefit by removing additional CO2 from the atmosphere. Usually by some year down the road, for example 2030 or 2050. Cloudist is already there, and it’s pretty cool.

When is a negative a positive?

When you can show your customers how much less their impact on greenhouse gas emissions really is. Like in one typical case based on average virtual server where we showed the end user that by using our services, they actually produced –399 grams of CO2 per virtual server per year.

What’s our secret?

None, actually. We’re partnered with the EcoDataCenter Group in Sweden for all of our colocation needs. And that’s kind of special when you consider they are pioneering the way in sustainable IT and have led the way by creating the world’s first climate-positive data center.





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