NEWS   |   16 September 2021
Increase your business with climate-positive cloud services

Cloud services are growing in all aspects, but instead of taking advantage of the new modern opportunities that this provides, many IT providers are stuck in spending time managing their own infrastructure rather than focusing on developing their customers.

Data and IT solutions in the cloud a matter of course for more and more companies

As a result, the number of providers offering cloud services is increasing. It is an exciting development with enormous potential, but in many cases IT suppliers are forced to invest in extensive resources, time and effort in building and managing server halls and managing their hardware infrastructure.


Jasenko Masic, head of the Cloudist, a business unit within the Swedish-owned group EcoDataCenter, believes that the focus should instead be on what is the IT companies’ core business – to guide their customers through the IT jungle and help them implement the most effective IT solutions for their needs.


– Cloud services are growing in all respects, but instead of taking advantage of the new modern opportunities that this provides, many IT providers get stuck in spending time managing their own infrastructure instead of focusing on developing their customers.

Unique service delivery platform

Cloudist defines itself as a cloud distributor rather than a cloud provider, and with good reason; the innovative company has developed a unique service delivery platform, whose functionality and interface can be tailored. This platform is then provided free of charge or commitment to Cloudist’s partners, who in turn can re-brand, use and resell solutions and services to end customers.


– Through our collaboration with EcoDataCenter, we are also the only cloud distributor that can offer climate-positive cloud services. This is something we are very proud of and recently we received confirmation of our work by being one of the first partners to become certified as VMware Zero Carbon Committed. This is also valuable for our customers, who in turn can help their end customers reach their climate goals and thereby increase their business, says Robert Brink, Cloud Architect with responsibility for Cloudist’s infrastructure services.

Full redundancy and automation

While Cloudist’s environmental awareness has been a common thread in the business, environmental success has come in part as a natural consequence of the company’s other choices. A lot of work has been put into reliability and developing a stable platform, all the way from the company’s Swedish data center to delivery to the customer. This focused work has also resulted in Cloudist only offering solutions that are built with full redundancy; thus, it is entirely up to the customer which services and functions are added.


– This means that we offer a completely transparent and predictable pay-as-you-go model. Here we differ from most others, where the price often fluctuates depending on the cost of communication to and from the services. Hiring us is thus almost risk-free – you do not commit to anything. Since our service platform is based on 100 percent self-service through full automation, you can also manage the services yourself and, for example, scale up or down if necessary. This makes Cloudist the obvious choice for IT companies that think long-term and sustainably, Jasenko and Robert conclude.


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