NEWS   |   9 February 2022
Launch of Microsoft New Commerce Experience

Microsoft is making changes to its CSP program and launching the new form of licensing model called the New Commerce Experience. Today we proudly present this news in our and Cloudist portal.

Launch of Microsoft New Commerce Experience


With the launch of the New Commerce Experience, a price increase on certain Microsoft licenses (see below) will also take place from 1/3/2022. The changes will affect both how you as customers buy and how we as partners to Microsoft deliver licenses in the future. We at Cloudist will obviously help to find the best solution for you.


These price changes will apply to all transaction models offered by Microsoft. Microsoft motivates the price increase in a way that in recent years they have introduced many new features in their services and that they have not increased their license prices since 2013. The changes apply to services below. Here you can read more about what Microsoft itself writes.


New price list in SEK

Microsoft 365 Business Premium (fr. 174,7 to192,2 ) +10%
Microsoft 365 E3 (f. 326 to 366,7) +12,5%
Office 365 E1 (fr. 69,9 to 87,4) +25%
Office 365 E3 (fr. 203,7 to 234,3) +15%
Office 365 E5 (fr. 356,6 to 387,1) +9%
Microsoft 365 Business Basic +20% (official price not confirmed)


Please note that the price increase is reflected in all cloud subscriptions such as:

  • Volymlicensavtal
  • CSP
  • Direktköp av Microsoft

CSP licenses today

Today you pay your licenses monthly and can increase or decrease the number and change the license form freely. All customers have an annual date on their agreements, but there are no fees associated with reducing or removing their licenses.


With the new license model, you will not have the opportunity to choose traditional CSP licenses from March 2022 and existing subscriptions will not be able to renew after their annual renewal date. The licenses will not be converted automatically, all customers will need to make an active choice before the annual renewal date of when the current licenses expire. We will of course help to make the move as smooth as possible and free of charge.


New Commerce Experience

Month to month agreement
The monthly agreement in the NCE works to a large extent as today, but Microsoft adds a price increase of about 17 percent against list price

12 months agreement
If you choose to lock your licenses for 12 months, you will receive Microsoft list prices. You can always add licenses and increase the number of seats but not reduce the number of seats or the license form. This means that reductions and changes in this subscription takes place on the annual renewal date of the agreement.



If you want to keep costs down and at the same time be flexible in reducing the number of licenses, you can combine licenses with a 12 months agreement and licenses with a monthly agreement.




Microsoft offers two campaigns starting in January 2022:


Annual Term Promotion – The campaign offers a 5 percent discount on the current price in the CSP price list and is valid until March 31, 2022. The campaign applies to both annual payment and monthly payments.


Monthly Term Promotion – The campaign gives you who a chose not to lock annually and instead want the flexibility in the monthly agreements, about 17% discount on the new monthly price. The campaign is valid until June 30, 2022.


Lowest license price plan – Lock the licenses in February

When NCE is launched in February 2022, and the price increase takes place from March 2022, you can lock your prices in February for 12 months, before Microsoft’s price increase takes place. In addition, Microsoft has a campaign with a 5 percent extra discount for all customers who lock their licenses by March 2022. This means that if you lock in February, you get a 5 percent discount on all licenses that are part of the campaign, which includes all basic licenses such as Microsoft 365 Business Premium, E3 and E5.


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