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DRaaS is an essential part of digital transformation and a large business opportunity of about $4.5B in 2020. The segment is growing at the rate of 15.4% through 2023. 1DRaaS offers protection from cyberattacks and enables business continuity in the event of major disruptors

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Pricing example

Pricing example for DR per virtual server


Cloudist Disaster Recovery

VM med 100GB allocated disk
Basic SLA Policy
Unlimited data transfer


Cloudist Disaster Recovery

VM with 100GB allocated disk
Standard SLA Policy
Unlimited data transfer


Cloudist Disaster Recovery

VM with 100GB allocated disk
Premium SLA Policy
Unlimited data transfer

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In 2021 we were nominated for Zero Carbon Partner of the Year and Most Innovative Partner of the Year at the VMware Nordic Partner Awards!


Cloud disaster recovery or DRaaS (also know as disaster recovery as a service), is a service intended to back up your data, applications or other resources or workloads to a private or public cloud provider. When disaster occurs, the affected data, applications and other resources can be restored to either new cloud provider insfrastructure or existing infrastructure in your on-prem data center and resume normal operation for the business. DRaaS can be especially useful for organizations that lack the necessary expertise to provision, configure, and test an effective disaster recovery plan (DRP).

Many businesses around the world encounter some kind of natural disaster. Imagine if a power outage, hardware failure, file corruption, human error or an earthquake, strikes your data center. This is when DR is such a usefull service. DRaaS focuses on a short recovery point objective. This means that the data restored will be as close to its current “now” state as possible. Typical recovery time objectives are around 3-6 hours and it will bring up your virtual machines geographically located in a different location without a big impact such as loosing all your data.

You as a customer choose to protect the virtual servers that are important to your business. In the event of a disaster or disruption, with a few clicks it is possible to failover to a copy of the protected servers. With disaster recovery as a service, expensive investments in hardware and costly business interruptions are avoided. Our disaster recovery service is integrated with our VDC service and is part of VMware's product portfolio. The interfaces are accessible via any device and replication can be configured from your cloud environment to your on-prem or from your local VMware environment to your VDC which is the most common area of ​​use.

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